About Us

Soundscape Voice Evidence is an independent consultancy based in the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University. We actively engage with the academic research community there and the field more broadly. All of our forensic casework is led by Dr Christin Kirchhübel, who has substantial experience as a full-time forensic speech scientist.

Dr Christin Kirchhübel (PhD, MSc, BA)
Christin has experience in working on over 550 cases. She obtained her PhD in Electronics (Forensic Speech Science) at the University of York in 2013 after completing her MSc in Forensic Speech Science.

Christin can offer a full range of analytical services. Please see our Services page for more details or contact us to discuss your case.

For more information, you can access Christin’s CV here.


‘I thought the evidence you gave whilst under aggressive cross examination was excellent and your calm professional manner shone through as did your clear and obvious knowledge on the subject.’ – HMRC

‘Not only were our counsel extremely impressed by you but I hear that numerous defence counsel were too.’ – HMRC

‘Your evidence in this case was absolutely key and the manner in which you presented it to the court was commented on favourably by the Judge.’ – Officer from Police Service of Northern Ireland.


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