About Us

Soundscape Voice Evidence is an independent consultancy based in the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University. Soundscape was established in April 2019 by Dr Christin Kirchhübel. Christin, who has substantial experience as a full-time forensic speech scientist, led all of Soundscape’s casework activities up until September 2023.

From October 2023, Christin is commencing a position as a pupil barrister and has therefore stepped away from forensic speech science casework. 

In anticipation of this, Soundscape has been active in training new analysts and can therefore continue to offer a range of analytical services. Please see our Services page for more details or contact us to discuss your case.

Dr Christin Kirchhübel
Christin has experience in working on hundreds of forensic speech analysis cases. In addition to casework practice, Christin has actively contributed to forensic speech science through driving publications and presentations that address current topics in the field. 

Throughout her time working as a forensic speech science practitioner, Christin acted on her legal interests and, having been Called to the Bar in July 2023, will be pursuing a career as a barrister.

For more information, you can access Christin’s CV here.


Dr Georgina Brown
Speech Science Consultant
Georgina is a Lecturer in Forensic Linguistics at Lancaster University and also a speech science consultant at Soundscape on a freelance basis. She assists in the delivery of casework while also developing Soundscape’s research programme, which ultimately looks to further improve how we conduct our forensic speech analysis.

For more information, see Georgina’s CV here.

Luke Carroll
Voice Analyst

Luke carries out forensic speech science casework under Soundscape Voice Evidence. Alongside casework, he is completing his PhD in forensic speech science at Lancaster University. His PhD research looks into the role of speech rhythm in forensic voice comparison analysis.

See Luke’s CV here.

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